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When it comes to your roof, you need nothing but the best. The roof is the first line of defense against strong winds, hail, and heavy rainfall. However, after all this, your roof is susceptible to cracks. Rain or snow water can sieve into these cracks and cause unimaginable damage to your household. The Edmonton roofing crew is on call to inspect and repair your damaged roof.

Our roofers are also homeowners and this means they understand the pain one goes through with a damaged roof. You can call us for emergency roof repair services in Edmonton. Our crew uses the best roofing materials that are also eco-friendly.

Why choose us

Firstly, is our commitment to excellence, professionalism, and reliability. Unlike other roofers, we deliver what we promise. We have amassed many years of experience doing roof replacement in Edmonton. Our work speaks for itself. We ensure to work with speed so that you can go back to your normal lives as soon as possible.

Our staff is very friendly and courteous. They take the time to listen to the clients’ needs and recommend viable solutions. When it comes to your roofing, we are a partner you can trust.

We understand that each home is unique. Our roofers will take you through a variety of roof types and recommend one that fits with your climatic conditions. We have experience in flat roofs, metal roofs, rubber roofs, asphalt shingles among others. We offer roof inspection services in Edmonton to residential and commercial properties. In this regard, there is no project that is beyond our scope of work.

We are the number one roofer in Edmonton

If you are tired of constantly fixing your roof and getting the same results, it is time you hired new roofers. Roofing is not a simple DIY job. Without the right workman safety equipment, you can get hurt trying to fix your roof. Our roofers are licensed with local authorities. You can get trust them to get the job done at a short notice and with speed.

Many homeowners will shy away from having their roofs inspected but this only increases the damages. A small leak when not detected early will lead to larger cracks. During winter we are your ideal ice and removal experts in Edmonton. Your attic temperature may vary causing the snow to thaw and turn into ice in the lower regions. This ice is dangerous when it falls on your family or property. Our roofers will carefully inspect your roof before winter to ensure your roof insulation is performing well.

Trust us with your roof for repairs and replacement

It is not always the case that you will need a new roof the moment you notice leaks. However, if you have been living in the same house for over 50 years or a tree falls on your roof it may necessitate replacement. Our roofers will take you through the process and recommend durable roofing materials. Expect to see a considerable increase in the appraisal value of your house.

Constructing your dream home takes a lot of resources and time. The roof structure is meant to last a lifetime. However, weather elements weaken its structure. You should have your roof inspected during fall or spring; this assures your family safe during winter.

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Roof Repair

Your roof absorbs most of the damage during such natural disasters. When this happens, you need to call High Roofing Edmonton for emergency roofing repairs.

Roof Replacement

Have you lived in the same house for many years? Are you tired of constant roof repairs? It is time you have your roof replaced

Roof Inspection

Our roof inspection team in Edmonton will examine your existing roof and recommend repairs or replacement. You do not have to worry about the cost as we have designed it to be affordable.

Ice and snow roof removal

Snow is harmless but when it becomes ice it poses serious risks to house occupants and property. We are your ideal ice and snow removal experts in Edmonton.

We are available for emergency repairs

We cannot adequately predict natural calamities like hail but when they do happen you need a roofing partner for emergency repairs. We are a local contractor and this means we are available on short notice for repairs. Our tinsmith experts in Edmonton have been vetted to ensure they are familiar with almost all roofing types.

Do you have an aging roof whose discoloration is an eyesore? We can repaint your existing roof and restore its natural color. You do not have to wait any longer for roof repairs. Our prices are one of the best in Edmonton.

Creative roofing solutions

Having an expert roofer can make all the difference to your house exterior. We do not just build roofs but work towards establishing long term relationships with our clients. If you have an insurance policy for your house, allow us to give you an accurate estimate for repairs. This ensures that your claim is settled within the shortest time possible.

Our roofers have been designing roofs for many years. This experience helps them offer creative and viable solutions to homeowners. If you are thinking of having a new garage roof or change the style of the existing one, we are at hand to offer expert advice. We have been putting smiles on many homeowners’ faces for many years and this has led to use having many referrals.

Time to have your roof inspected

A leaking roof can turn your home into a living nightmare. Firstly, small leaks will weaken your roofing structure preventing it from protecting you during storms. Secondly, moisture in your house can lead to serious respiratory problems when not solved immediately.

You can prevent this from happening by having your roof inspected occasionally. Our roofers will detect even the smallest leaks. We will take you through the repair process while offering a pocket-friendly budget. Once we are done fixing your roof, we will allow you to inspect it before payment. We have built a solid reputation for delivering splendid results. You should notice an extension in the lifespan of your roof after repairs.

Our roofers follow various safety roofing standards. You do not have to be afraid for their safety as they come equipped for repairs. We will put your mind at ease when it comes to roofing repairs. Our roofers only use materials from top manufacturers. This ensures you have an extended guarantee for your roofing needs.

Replacing your existing roof isn’t an easy decision. You have to settle on the right roofing type that complements your surroundings and weather patterns. However, when you are provided with the right information you can make the right decision.

Your house is a large investment. It is time you let the experts maintain that investment. Give us a call today for a free quote.



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