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We keep your family protected by repairing your leaking roof

There is no place one feels safe and secure like their home. It is a place you share in laughter with family and friends. However, unexpected catastrophes like hailstorms, blizzards, strong winds, and extreme rainfall can threaten the security of your family.

Your roof absorbs most of the damage during such natural disasters. When this happens, you need to call High Roofing Edmonton for emergency roofing repairs. We will immediately access the damage and offer a visible plan to restore your beloved roof.

Roof repair is not a simple DIY job. You have to understand how roofing materials are used together to protect your homestead. Repairing a roof is a dangerous activity if done with the wrong tools. Our roof repair contractors adhere to strict safety rules prescribed by local licensing authorities. You do not have to be afraid of them falling off the roof during repairs.

Commercial roof repair

Having your roof inspected before or after winter helps prevent further damage. Our roofers are familiar with different roof types and there is no project that is beyond our scope to repair. Whether you are thinking of repairs for your warehouse, industrial property, high-rise apartments or retail store we have the right crew to ensure the project runs with no hitches. Our roof inspection roofers in Edmonton are carefully vetted to ensure they give you the right roofing repair estimates.

For extremely large projects we will have a foreman to supervise the roofing repairs. In some cases, the roofing repairs may not be visible and our roofing replacement experts in Edmonton may recommend you get a new roof. We will guide you through the selection of a new roof and have it installed at an affordable rate.

  • Residential roof repair

    It takes a lot of resources and time to construct the perfect home. However, your roof is constantly exposed to harsh climatic conditions. Every hit by a hailstorm will lead to roof cracks as your asphalt shingles lose their stability. If not repaired immediately, your roof can collapse on you. Our roof repair contractors in Edmonton, have gathered years of experience repairing roofs. They are professional, courteous, and neat. We will work with speed so that you can go back to your normal lives as soon as possible.

    Your garage offers additional spaces to store your tools; you can even convert it into an extra office. We offer garage roof repair services within the budget of most homeowners in Edmonton. Whether you need flat roof repair or rubber roof repairs, our roofers are familiar with all roof types.

    Snow can wreak havoc to your existing roof when it turns into ice. Ice is dangerous as it slips through the roof cracks weakening its structure. Varying attic temperatures cause snow to thaw and then solidify to ice in cooler roof regions. We are the ideal ice and snow removal experts in Edmonton.

    Leaking roof

    A leaking roof is one of the worst experiences for homeowners. It not only leaves small pools of water in the house, but it weakens your roofing structure. If not controlled immediately it will destroy your furniture, attic, rafters and cause respiratory health problems. In addition, the more you postpone roof inspection the more your roof repair cost becomes.

     Our roofers will inspect the damage caused by rainfall, sunlight, and snow. We will give you an estimate of repair costs. Here we do not have hidden charges. You get value for money. Once we are done we will inspect your roof again to ensure there no further hidden leaks. We are a roofer you can trust for roof repairs.

Roof restoration

Is your roof keeping guests away? It is time you let us clean, repair and apply a fresh coat of paint to your existing roof. This not only increases its aesthetic appeal but it has a positive effect on the appraisal value. We are familiar with a variety of roof types that include concrete tiles, Zincalume, galvanized iron among others.

Roof restoration extends the lifespan of your existing roof by making it weatherproof.  We have the right materials that offer your roof additional protection from UV light. Once we are done your neighbors will be confused whether it is the same house.

Metal roof repair

Many homeowners because of its durability prefer metal roofs. You can expect one to last over 40 years with little maintenance. The roofing structure is fire resistant while offering you various design options. The only downside is the noise that comes from metal roofs during heavy rainfall. Our roofers will repair your metal roof and even do insulation for noise reduction. We have the experience to work on your panels for maximum wind resistance.

  • Aluminum roof repair

    When compared to other roofing materials aluminum is rust-resistant and does not easily crack. This makes it ideal for places that receive lots of rainfall and sunlight. Aluminum roofing offers multiple designs to meet your unique tastes and preferences.

    You can choose from an array of colors that complement your landscape. Due to its lightweight nature, aluminum makes for an excellent roofing material. Our tinsmith contractors in Edmonton are at hand to carefully examine your roof for leaks. We work with speed to ensure winter does not find you with a leaking roof.

    Rubber roof repair

    Many homeowners will prefer rubber roofs due to their quietness and the fact they are made with eco-friendly materials. Rubber roofs last a lifetime and are not susceptible to leaks like other roofs. But, this does not mean they are leak resistant. Direct sunlight can weaken the roof structure allowing leaks during heavy rainfall. Our company will be at hand to give your roof additional strength at short notice. Our emergency roofing services are meant to protect you whenever a tree or hailstorms mess with your roof structure.

    Flat roof repair

    When it comes to roof maintenance, nothing beats a flat roof. In addition, you get additional storage spaces for your AC or a small tool shed. However, this does not mean you become the hero and risk your safety doing roof repairs.

    Let the experts handle your flat roof repairs while you take care of your family. We come armed with the right repair tools and will assist you in filing any insurance claim forms. Our roofers will give the insurance adjuster the right roof repair estimates. You can trust us not to inflate the costs.

    Hail Damage repair

    Hailstorms can cause serious damage to your roof structure. Things are worse if you have not had your roof inspected for long or live in an old house. When hail destroys your roof, you need repairs to be done immediately to prevent further house damage. Our roofers are on standby to offer immediate repair during hail damage. We will work with speed to ensure you can go on with your lives fast. Having someone you can trust during hailstorms ensures your family is safe and secure no matter the intensity of the storms.

    Your roof is the first line of defense against extreme weather. However, this weakens its structure. If you have started noticing water drips in the house, it is time you gave us a call for roof repair. We promise to work with speed.

    Allow us to take care of your roof as you take care of your family.





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