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Have you lived in the same house for many years? Are you tired of constant roof repairs? It is time you have your roof replaced. Many homeowners are apprehensive about replacing their beloved roof. But, like everything in the house it does not last forever. Harsh climatic conditions can weaken your roofing structure. When not solved immediately, it can lead to total roof collapse.

High Roofing Edmonton are here to offer assistance. We will carefully examine your roof for cracks and leaks and recommend repairs or replacement. We agree the initial costs for replacement may be high but in the long term you enjoy high appraisal values. Besides, you can go to work feeling confident your family is safe. Our roof replacement cost is one of the most affordable in the region. No need to worry about inflated repair charges.

Commercial roof replacement

Your commercial place is where you interact with your clients. It could be a warehouse, retail store, high-rise apartment or multiple office blocks. Our roof replacement experts in Edmonton come with the right tools to fix any commercial replacement project thrown their way. Our expert crew have gathered years of experience doing roofing projects. Depending on the size of the project, we will assign and expert foreman to coordinate the roof replacement. The foreman is on site to ensure any flat roof replacement work is done as per specifications and within timelines.

Residential roof replacement

It has taken you a lot of money and time to construct the perfect home. However, weather elements have worked negatively to destroy your beloved roof. If not fixed immediately, your roof may collapse on you. Our roof inspection experts in Edmonton are at hand to examine your roofing structure and pinpoint the source of roof leaks. The scope of work for roof replacement is beyond simple DIY projects. Fixing your roof without the right safety equipment can be catastrophic. Let the experts handle any home roof replacement projects. 

Your garage plays a vital role in keeping your car and tools safe. You can adjust the spaces as you wish and even add a home office. If the garage roof is leaking then it exposes your equipment to rust, molds, and mildew. Our garage roof replacement services are meant to restore old garage roofs. We work with speed to ensure you have a clean place for winter.

Flat roof

The preference for flat roofs is due to their longevity. You should expect one to last more than 40 years with little maintenance. Flat roofs are mostly used in commercial buildings and other high rise structures. They come with the benefit of additional storage spaces where you can place an AC or storage shed. Over long periods flat roofs have fewer repair costs than other roof types. The roof insulation is not as thick meaning you get to save on electricity. The best part is you can host parties on the rooftop with ease. Our roof repair experts in Edmonton are at hand to advise you on getting your flat roof replaced.

Metal roof

Choosing the right roof plays a vital role in the aesthetics of the house. If you are looking for something that is energy efficient and durable you may want to consider a metal roof. A metal roofing material like galvalume is known to have a lifespan of more than 50 years without the need for replacement. However, if you have started noticing leaks in your house it would be time you talked to any of our tinsmith experts in Edmonton. Metal roofs offer great resistance against strong winds. The only downside is they can be quite noisy during heavy rainfall. Our roofers will provide you with the right insulation to prevent this.

Asphalt shingles roof

This is the most common roof type for residential owners. For one, you have superior protection against fires and noise. Then you have multiple roof design options to choose from. This complements the rest of the house design. Some of the rich residential architectural designs have actually been done with Asphalt shingles. The range of color schemes to choose from is expansive. When installed properly the asphalt shingles roof will last a lifetime. Our ice and snow removal experts in Edmonton are at hand during winter to keep your roof protected. You can count on us to get the job done at short notice.

Slate roof

Many homeowners are not familiar with slate as a roofing material. The roofing structure allows you to explore various color options and styles. You can go from a rustic to rough look. Since slate is made from the rock you should expect it to give you extended service of up to 70 years. This character of durability is what makes slate preferred roofing material. You also get the benefit of fire resistance and protection from most weather elements. Our roofers have experimented with slate and are at hand to offer slate roof repair services. You can count on them to give you an affordable quote.

Roof replacement costs

Many homeowners are afraid to have their roof inspected as they fear the high replacement costs. However, not having your roof repaired in time can lead to further weakening of the roof structure. We outsource the very best roofing materials for your home needs. We have partnered with top roof material manufacturers and you can be assured of an extended warranty for your roof.

The roofing replacement costs will depend on the type of material you choose for your roof and the size of your house. We handle both residential and commercial properties. We do not inflate our costs and you can trust us to deliver exactly what you paid for.

Time you let the experts handle your roofing needs

Roof replacement is not a simple DIY. In fact, one person cannot replace a roof. If you lack the right training, you can get injured trying to repair your roof. Our company has been repairing and replacing roofs for many years. We have experience with various roof types and can handle any project thrown our way.

We are committed to excellence and completing projects ahead of schedule. Our roofers have complied with various regulatory local laws and you can trust them with your home.

You should not wait until you see leaks in the house to have your roof inspected. Do it during fall or spring. This will ensure your family is protected during winter. Our roof repair costs are one of the most affordable in the region.

Are you tired of living under the same worn-out roof? It is time you have your roof replaced. Gives us a call today for consultation. We deliver what we promise.


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