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Do not let ice dams cause further destruction to your roof

The best place to spend your winter is indoors by the fireplace. If you live in a place that experiences snow then you need to be adequately protected against ice dams. Snow is harmless but when it becomes ice it poses serious risks to house occupants and property. We are your ideal ice and snow removal experts in Edmonton.

You can give us a call on short notice and we will be at hand for any roof repair services in Edmonton. High Roofing Edmonton has garnered years of experience removing ice dams in residential and commercial properties. They will work on your attic insulation to prevent the chances of ice dams in your roof gutters.

How do Ice dams form on my roof?

Many homeowners are still in the dark on how ice dams form. Without going into too much detail, the result of ice dams is an interaction of attic temperatures and the outside. During winter, snow will accumulate on your roof. The higher portions of your roof have a higher temperature that causes the snow to thaw and slip to the lower regions. These regions have lower temperatures and this produces ice.

When ice dams form on your roof they pose serious safety issues to home occupants and property. The ice can melt and find its way through cracks in the roof. With time your roof structure becomes weaker. Our roof inspection services in Edmonton are meant to handle ice dams effectively.

You can trust us with your roof repairs

The first step in preventing ice dams is to remove snow from your roof. Most homeowners will use a roof rake for this but it comes with the drawback of damaging your roof. This is usually the right time to call in the experts. As one of the top roof replacement company in Edmonton, we will inspect your roof to ensure that there are no heat leakages.

We will also work on your roof insulation. All this is time-consuming but we will work with speed to ensure you have a habitable home devoid of leaks during winter. You should note that it is extremely dangerous to work on your roof during winter. Instead of risking your life trying to fix leakages, let the professionals handle the work. We know our way through various roof types and come equipped with the right safety tools.

Do not let ice dams destroy your home

Ice dams can pose serious damage to the house. Water leaks can lead to rot of wooden structures while the moisture can cause serious respiratory problems. Mold and mildew form where there is moisture, this when not taken care of can weaken your wall structure. Our tinsmith experts in Edmonton will be with you all the way. They will advise you on possible repair costs and recommend the best roof insulation for your attic.

Many homeowners postpone roof inspection until the last minute when they start noticing leaks in the house. However, at this time the leaks will have caused serious damage to your roof. We are a roofer you can trust for emergency repairs. If hail and strong winds have caused serious damage to your roof, give us a call immediately and we will repair your roof.

A functioning roof keeps your family safe and secure. It also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the house. However, if you have an old house it could be time to have your roof replaced. Roofing costs often fill many homeowners with apprehension but we have something to suit the budgets of most homeowners.

Keep your family protected during winter

House construction is time-consuming. But, with the right roofers you should settle into your house faster. If you have invested a big deal for your dream home, you should maintain your roof with the same intensity. Ice dams need to be sorted the moment you notice them. This prevents further damage to your roof structure.

We are a company you can trust. Our motto is to put a smile on many homeowners’ faces. We do this by carefully vetting all our roofers. Unlike the others, our roofers are professional and courteous. You will notice that your roof lasts a lifetime after repairs.

We use the very best materials for your roof. Such materials are eco-friendly and lead to a considerable reduction in your utility bills. We will give you the right estimates to take to your insurer for repairs. This helps speed up the claim process.

Are ice dams a constant source of headaches during winter? Give us a call today for ice and snow removal. We promise to work with speed.  

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