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When Do You Need an Elastomeric Membrane Roof?

Thanks to modern and eco-friendly roofing, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to roofs. With weather elements often unpredictable, it’s important to choose your roof with attention and care.

Some popular roofing options in Edmonton include asphalt, slate, tile, and metal roofing. If you want to extend the lifespan of your roof, you may want to consider topping up the current roof with an elastomeric membrane layer.

What is elastomeric membrane roofing, and how does it help?

Spotlight on Elastomeric Membrane Roofs

Elastomeric membrane roofing is a layer used on flat or nearly flat roofs to improve protection and insulation while preventing water leaks. They are more commonly found on commercial buildings but are rapidly becoming a popular option for residential properties as well.

It’s important to choose the right elastomeric membrane for your roof. Ideally, the membrane must possess properties the roofing material does not (for example, elongation, improved resistance, and durability).

A reliable elastomeric membrane layer placed on top of the current roof makes for a robust roofing system that can last many years with minimal maintenance. Placing an elastomeric membrane on top of your current roof is not a DIY job and requires roofing expertise and knowledge.

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Why Are Elastomeric Membrane Roofs Popular?

Most elastomeric membrane roofs come with two layers known as the ‘base’ and ‘finishing’ membrane. The two-layered roofs offer a host of practical benefits that make them an ideal choice for residential and commercial customers.

Here’s a closer look at why elastomeric membrane roofs enjoy such a high level of popularity:

Visual Appeal

Elastomeric membrane roofing can blend well with any roofing material and give your roof a stunning, aesthetic finish. Our responsive customer service staff can help you choose the right colour for your roof.


Elastomeric membranes are stretchable and do not tear easily. They can stretch up to nearly double their length and adhere firmly to the existing roof surface. Regular inspections and a re-coating every 15-20 years help extend their lifespan.

They also help prevent existing roof leaks from becoming worse.

Low Maintenance

One more important benefit is that elastomeric membrane roofs can be repaired and installed in almost any season. They also help you save on money as there are no tear-off costs – we don’t need to remove the old roof.

Elastomeric Membrane Roofs in Edmonton

When it comes to roofing, it’s always better to avoid waiting until your roof begins to wear down or develops major problems. Our roofing pros at High Roofing will check your roof for worn flashings, broken shingles, and deteriorating rubber seams and advise on the most suitable roofing solution for your needs.

Once the inspection is done, we will clean the roof, repair existing problems, and pour on the elastomeric membrane layer.

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