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Flat Roofs in Edmonton

Flat roofs are the preferred choice for external structures like garages. They come with their unique benefits and challenges and are more commonly found on commercial properties like shops, malls, hospitals, industrial estates, warehouses etc.

Flat roofs are not entirely flat; they often have a slight or low slope. In general, they are an energy-efficient and low-maintenance alternative to sloped roofs. As reputable roofers, High Roofing provides an exciting range of residential and commercial roofing options to residents in the Edmonton area.

What is the Point of Installing a Flat Roof?

Flat roofs offer a range of benefits, starting with the fact they’re versatile, low-maintenance, and involve lower construction costs.

Lower Construction Costs

Flat roofs occupy less space compared to sloped roofs and require fewer construction materials. This is why they are becoming increasingly popular, especially among new home builders. Lower costs not only apply to the initial construction but also to any repairs that may crop up at later stages.

High Versatility

Flat roofs are ideal as a foundation for green roofs or for building rooftop gardens. They are suitable for commercial purposes like rooftop cafes, pubs, or restaurants, and offer a more cohesive, usable space than pitched roofs. Flat roofs can also be used as storage spaces to keep goods.

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Flat roofs in Edmonton are great for controlling energy wastage, especially during the summer months. While flat roofs undoubtedly come with a distinct set of advantages, there are some downsides as well. Water can pool and accumulate easily, and you may need to consider weatherproofing options.

They are also subject to structural concerns and have a shorter lifespan compared to pitched roofs. It can be daunting to decide between a flat or pitched roof for your residential or commercial property. Your decision will impact maintenance and upkeep in the long term.

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Common Issues with Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are subject to some problems that can become a source of heavy expense if not addressed on time.

Weather Exposure

Regardless of the material, flat roofs suffer from constant exposure to the sun, wind, ice, and hail.

Leaks and Sagging

The lack of a slope forces precipitation to accumulate on flat roofs and cause sagging or leaks. Leaks may appear harmless but may lead to costly repairs if not repaired by professionals.

In addition, flat roofs are also impacted by wind-blown debris, pedestrian traffic, punctures, and tears.

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