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What Are Green Roofs?

Green roofs are not only stunning, but they also provide shade and reduce rooftop temperatures. They can transform a dull, heated roof into a stunning leisure area.

What Is a Green Roof?

Our trained professionals at High Roofing, Edmonton, can install a green roof by installing a vegetative layer on top of your existing roof.

Living roofs reduce temperatures by as much as 30-50ºF and increase your property’s curb appeal to a significant extent. Rooftop and surrounding air temperatures can also be reduced with the help of green roofs. On the other hand, cool roofs are specially made from reflective materials that keep off heat.

Attractive green roofs can increase the sales and rental value of your property. They also make commercial premises more pleasant for employees and workers. However, although green roofs may involve a higher initial outlay of capital, they last for longer and provide better long-term value.

We have years of experience in installing green roofs on a variety of properties, from industrial structures to private residences. If you’re considering revamping your existing roof, call our reliable roofers in Edmonton for suitable options.

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Before Green Roof Installation

If you’re interested in getting a green roof, our experts will inspect the roof to check the existing roof materials, drainage systems, structural loading capacity, waterproofing, and slope.

You can choose the vegetation according to your preferences. The choice will depend on the depth of the growing medium, the height of the roof, climate, the irrigation system, and the ability to maintain the green roof.

Green roof installation involves using specialized materials not found on traditional roofs. It’s best to hire the services of licensed roofing contractors experienced in the installation and maintenance of green roofs.

If you need help or have queries about the right green roof for your property, please get in touch with High Roofing, Edmonton, for information.

Intensive and Extensive Green Roofs

It’s best to get your green roof inspected at least twice a year for the removal of debris, need for repairs, and water leaks. Green roofs can be extensive or intensive.

Extensive Green Roofs

Extensive green roofs are ideal for plants that grow to no more than 16 inches high. Taller plants cannot be accommodated as the roots cannot support the height. Extensive green roofs in Edmonton are low-maintenance (not no-maintenance). Of course, if you add a foot or two of growing medium, you can explore new possibilities and consider having an intensive green roof.

Intensive Green Roofs

Intensive green roofs can support plants that grow taller than 6 inches. They typically require the depth of the growing medium to be at least 2 feet. Our roofing pros can inspect your roof and determine if the structure can support an intensive roof.

Intensive green roofs often function as rooftop gardens and are virtually indistinguishable from gardens on the ground.

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