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What Does Flat Roof Replacement Involve? 

If you’re looking for worry-free flat roof replacement, repair, or installation, you’re in the right place. As seasoned roofers, our team at High Roofing provides a wide range of roofing services to residents in and around Edmonton.

Flat Roofs for Residential and Commercial Properties

Flat roofs are the roofs of choice for many property owners in Edmonton, and they come with a host of advantages. Although they can add to the aesthetics of your home or business, they are also prone to leaks and damage.

If you notice cracking, blistering or splits in the membrane, please give us a call, and we’ll inspect your roof to determine suitable solutions. Natural elements such as water, wind, and plant growth can cause damage to your roof.

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Problems That Can Lead to Flat Roof Replacement

In general, flat roofs are easy to install and access and require minimal maintenance. But they are prone to some common problems.

Splits and Tears

Flat roofs are prone to punctures, splits, and tears, especially if there is a lot of pedestrian movement (for example, cafes and rooftop restaurants). Storms can also damage them.

This is why flat roof inspections are so important in the aftermath of a weather event; professionals can spot problems early on.

Exposure to the Elements

Wind, wind-driven debris, hail, and freezing weather affect flat roofs in Edmonton. No matter how durable the material, roofs are often impacted by the outside world.


If not installed or designed correctly, flat roofs will develop leaks as they cannot shed water. Water starts to pool in isolated areas and will eventually find its way into the building just like that.

Leaks often appear harmless enough, but they can lead to expensive problems if not repaired on time. Similarly, debris like leaves, dirt, dust, mud, and human trash can clog the drains and prevent water from escaping.

Keeping your roof clean and debris-free can help increase its longevity and keep it in good shape. Our experienced local roofers install energy-efficient, leak-free flat roofs and provide roofing repair services in and around Edmonton.

Flat Roof Maintenance in Edmonton

The two main reasons for flat roof problems are poor maintenance and ageing. Waiting too long to get your roof inspected can result in expensive repairs that could have been identified and fixed.

For example, if you noticed a minor leak and ignored it, it may cause rot in the structure and underlayment and land you with a hefty bill for a full roof replacement. If your roof is ageing, it may need to be replaced as it can’t be repaired beyond a point.

You can trust in our experience and training. We offer a full array of flat roof options, including slate, asphalt, metal, green roofing and more. If you’re wondering how much you’d need to pay for a flat roof replacement, do not hesitate to call High Roofing, Edmonton, for a free, no-obligation quote today.

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