Did a tree crash into your roof during last night’s storm? Thousands of property owners in Edmonton experience roof emergencies every year. Roofs work 24/7 to keep your interiors safe from the elements, but we often take them for granted.

Roof Emergencies in Edmonton

Roof emergencies can be stressful to handle, and a damaged roof can put all your possessions at risk. Whatever you do, do not try to get onto the roof during or even immediately after a storm as it’s likely to be wet and slippery.

The good news is that our staff at High Roofing is there to help you with any roofing emergency. Roof damage often appears worse to a homeowner than a professional roofer.
Once we examine the situation, we will determine the best solution for your roof, including repair or replacement, depending on the extent of the damage.

What Can Cause a Roofing Emergency?

Lack of regular roof maintenance and repair can eventually lead to an unwanted roof emergency in Edmonton. Other causes of roof emergencies are listed below:

  • Fallen tree branches or heavy debris can cause holes or cracks that expose your interiors to the elements and pests. If you ignore the damage, it may affect the structure of the entire roof or home.
  • Clogged or broken pipes may result in water damage, and the water will eventually find its way into the attic. Water leaks from broken pipes can also cause the growth of mould or algae.
  • High winds can whip away shingles and leave your roof damaged.
  • Old roofs will eventually need to be repaired or replaced as the structures weaken over time. The worn out structures can cause cracks and holes to form that allow water and pests in.

Improper roof installation can make your roof vulnerable to problems. This is why it’s a good idea to get roof inspections, repairs, and maintenance done by our reliable professionals at High Roofing.

What To Do in a Roof Emergency

In a roof emergency, the first thing you should do is schedule a visit before the damage becomes progressively worse – and much more expensive – to repair. It’s best not to climb onto the roof and put yourself at serious risk.

Meanwhile, you can try some temporary solutions while you wait for our Edmonton roofers to arrive. You can cover the interiors with plastic sheeting, and if you have experience climbing onto your roof, place a tarp over the crack or leak.
For some problems, like if the roof is caving in, it’s best to do nothing except wait for professional assistance.

How We Handle Roof Emergencies

Once you give High Roofing a call, our highly trained roofing pros will first assess the damage. We will consider what needs to be done to fix your roof for the long term. Solutions may include a partial or full roof replacement if the damage is extensive.

Our friendly roofing experts in Edmonton will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote to give you an idea of the costs involved.

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