If ignored, leaks, cracks, worn flashings, and broken shingles can lead to costly roofing repairs. Every home or commercial property in Edmonton needs a well-installed, durable, and functional roof to keep its occupants and goods safe and dry.

Whether you’re looking to clean, paint, repair or replace your existing roof, please contact High Roofing for all your roofing needs.

Why Contact Certified Roofers in Red Deer

Roofing repairs and maintenance may appear easy to attempt, but they can prove dangerous or even fatal. Clambering up a slippery roof after a storm can be extremely dangerous.

The risks don’t stop there.

Apart from falling or injuring yourself, you may also cause more damage while trying to do a DIY job and may incur additional repair expenses which could have been avoided. It’s best to leave the job to experienced roofers in Red Deer.

Thanks to years of experience, we are adept in inspection, cleaning, repairs, tear-offs, and roof replacement. It comes as no surprise that our esteemed customers in Edmonton trust us with their residential and commercial roofing needs.

5 Signs You Need to Call Roofers in Red Deer ASAP

At High Roofing, Edmonton, we appreciate that roofing problems and emergencies can occur at any time, and this is why we provide 24/7 emergency roofing services.
Although roofs typically last between 20 and 25 years (although some roofs like metal and tile can last for much longer), many times, they may wear out sooner due to extreme weather conditions. As a general rule of thumb, asphalt shingle and slate roofs may require replacement at roughly 20-22 years of age.
If you notice any of these problems, contact reliable Edmonton roofers at the earliest:

  • Cracked roof valleys
  • Broken, worn, or cracked roof valleys affect water flow to the gutters and may need repair or replacement.

  • Broken Shingles
  • If you notice small piles of granules in your downspouts and gutters, it indicates failing shingles.

  • Lifting Shingles
  • Do you notice shingles popping up above the rest? This could be due to hail damage after a storm or poor attic ventilation.

  • Water Stains and Leaks
  • Check the roof, attic, and ceiling for water stains. Roof leaks may start off as a minor problem but can rapidly worsen if not repaired on time.

  • Algae, Moss, and Mould
  • Winds bring errant spores to your roof, and they thrive in dark corners and cracks. Excess growth of algae and mould requires professional remediation.

Call Our Licensed Roofers in Red Deer

Neglecting your roof can lead to avoidable, expensive repairs or even a full roof replacement that can burn a hole in your pocket. At High Roofing, we believe in providing every customer with value for their hard-earned money.

Whether you’re looking to repair, clean, revamp, or replace your existing roof, we have the expertise, know-how, and skills to complete the job to your satisfaction. Feel free to contact Edmonton roofers in Red Deer for modern, eco-friendly, and emergency roofing solutions.

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